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Make a Donation

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XCancer at Home

The XCancer Foundation is an elite network of Cancer Research Centers across the United States that are bridging the gap between thousands of clinical trials and the patients who need them most. 

XCancer is the backbone to these centers, providing the tools and coveted access to the most novel cancer treatments. 

Backed by the internationally recognized Urology Cancer Center, XCancer is at the forefront of global innovations in cancer research, setting higher standards in data, software, and patient accruals.

In advancing cancer care and stabilizing the global cancer community, one critical component has yet to be engaged – you, our supporters, caregivers, family members, and advocates for cancer patients everywhere.

XCancer's goal is to provide more cancer patients with more hope and more time, while also providing significant health cost savings to both patients and society. 

When you show your support by providing a donation, those proceeds will go to support personalized care for patients worldwide.

XCancer Worldwide 

XCancer is not just limited to the United States. In 2019, Dr. Luke Nordquist and his research team developed a friendship with Dr. Furaha Serventi, an Oncologist in Moshi, Tanzania.

What started as an expedition to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro with a flag signed by hundreds of patients and the families of former patients to honor them, turned into a new Mission for Dr. Luke and his team after the introduction of the two Oncologists.

A lasting friendship developed and a new mission was forged to share knowledge and experience with people who need it the most. 

Dr. Serventi and Masenga, Executive Director of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC), traveled to Omaha, Neb. in 2019 to spend time with Dr. Nordquist and his team. The two centers have regular video chats learning the needs of each other’s programs.

XCancer has donated funds and supplies to KCMC to assist with COVID relief and has recently broken ground on a new Cancer Research Center and family hostel in Tanzania. 

Dr. Nordquist's son Thomas spearheaded the project, raising the funds necessary to build a family housing unit.

This hostel will allow patients the ability to stay at the center while undergoing treatments. Currently, patients may have to walk over 10km to receive cancer care treatments. Many patients don’t continue or proceed with treatment because of this. Cancer patients in Tanzania experience an 80% death rate partially due to lack of access to the facilities they need.

In addition, this housing center will be a school for chronically ill children who have prolonged hospitalizations or are children of cancer patients that are staying in the housing facility during their cancer treatments. Currently, there is a make-shift classroom in a small hospital room. 

The cost of the center is estimated at $250,000 (US).  

Your donation not only shows your support for your neighbor or your loved one fighting this disease but also cancer fighters worldwide. XCancer thanks you for your support.

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The majority of the items in the XCancer Store are made-to-order, meaning once your order is placed, your item will be made. Once your item is made then it will be shipped. 

Please allow 1-2 days after the purchase date for your order to be processed and a week after the process date to receive your package. 

Care Instructions

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