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The XCancer® Foundation is an elite network of Cancer Research Centers across the United States that are bridging the gap between thousands of clinical trials and the patients who need them most. 

XCancer® is the backbone to these centers, providing the tools and coveted access to the most novel cancer treatments. 

Backed by the internationally recognized Urology Cancer Center, XCancer® is at the forefront of global innovations in cancer research, setting higher standards in data, software, and patient accruals.

In advancing cancer care and stabilizing the global cancer community, one critical component has yet to be engaged – you, our supporters, caregivers, family members and advocates for cancer patients everywhere.

XCancer's goal is to provide more cancer patients with more hope and more time, while also providing significant health cost savings to both patients and society. 

When you show your support by purchasing from the XCancer® Store, proceeds will go to support personalized care for patients worldwide.